Moccamaster KBT Thermal 1.25 L Brew Batch

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One of our most popular blends

The Moccamaster Thermal Brew Batch, has a 1.25 litre capacity for you to brew a flavoursome coffee.

Featuring a copper boiling element and a 9 hole spray head, which will  perfectly moisten your coffee grounds evenly, this Thermal Brew Batch will brew directly into the stainless steel carafe, producing a well balanced and delicious coffee.  The stainless steel carafe, will keep your coffee hot for hours and it also includes two lids,  a pouring lid and a spill proof travel lid so you can take your coffee on the go.  Available in two colours, Black or Silver.


  • 1 Moccamaster Classic
  • 1.25 Thermal Carafe
  • Moccamaster Classic Filters #4 100 Pack






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