We at Reverence Coffee choose to source ethical, tasty specialty grade coffees, from growers that implement sustainable farming practices and look after their workers - not just financially, but socially and morally.

This page highlights just some of the producers we choose to buy from year on year.



Finca El Cerro


Finca El Cerro


High in the eastern highlands of El Salvador and nestled amidst indigenous forests lies Finca El Cerro, the fruit of the labour of five generations of Salvadoran coffee growers who have tended to the land.

Stretching across the Apaneca mountain ranges, the coffee farm benefits greatly from the altitude and ample natural forests of indigenous shade-giving trees.

The farms producer, Fernando Leto Escobar credits continuous learning and experimentation techniques at the farm for the great quality of the coffee.

Environmentally-friendly growing methods, meticulous seed selection and careful fertilisation methods are some of the steps taken at Finca El Cerro towards sustainable coffee cultivation. They are also dedicated to working for the welfare and benefit of their team members through numerous healthcare and education programs.

A few years ago, Finca El Cerro decided to vertically integrate and become a producing, milling and exporting company, giving them greater control over the entire coffee production process.

Reverence Coffee is proud to be buying from Fernando for several seasons now, and has already committed to buy future crops, not only giving them security for the future, but also guaranteeing the same excellent quality coffee for both the Lion Tamer and Carousel blends.




Café Granja La Esperanza

Granja La Esperanza is a group of 6 farms in El Valle del Cauca and Cundinamarca owned by Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, two brothers from a traditional coffee family. Their grandfather owned a very large Hacienda in the region of Trujillo that was slowly sold off over decades.

The Herreras left Colombia in the 1970’s to study engineering abroad but returned in 1998 with a dream to reconstruct their grandfather’s Hacienda and get back into coffee farming.

Cafe Granja La Esperanza has taken great strides under the brothers leadership and forward thinking vision, we were proud to host members of La Esperanza at our Ascot Vale cafe back in 2014.

In the last decade, the farm has moved from traditional 'C' market coffees, to the more delicate and exquisite varieties coveted by the specialty coffee industry.

The farm looks like a garden full of different coffee varietals and is one of the most progressive and experimental farms in the world. What we are witnessing here is an approach more akin to the rigours of fine wine-making where varieties are chosen more for their flavour attributes than their disease resistance. Many innovations have led to this excellence in the cup which is why it's a stablemate of the Reverence Coffee single origin offering!




Cocarive Co-Op

A small town in the very heart of the Mantiqueira Mountains lies Carmo de Minas, home of some of the best coffees Brazil has to offer.

The Rio Verde Valley Coffee Growers Regional Cooperative or COCARIVE for short was established in 1961 by several rural coffee producers as a show of entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. The aim was to create a reference point for both the high productivity and quality from the region.

COCARIVE exported their first coffee in the year of 2011, and since then have made a reputation as the leading quality-driven co-op in Brazil.

With the majority of coffee production in the area over the altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, the mild climate and fertile mountainous soils provide a quality differentiation from the rest of Brazilian coffee which is why we love using the Mantiqueira in our blends.