Apaneca-Ilamatepec in El Salvador

This is the largest growing region of El Salvador, situated near the Santa Ana volcano.

We love coffee from this region because the Bourbon varietal is grown in abundance, we find the coffees we source to have sweet, sugar browning flavours that we want for our blends.

The downfall of the Bourbon varietal is that it is susceptible to diseases such as leaf rust, this severely affected crop yields and quality several years ago.

However, we are committed to our producers and honour our long term commitment to buy their future harvests, this gives them some security knowing they have a buyer and we can work together to improve the coffee quality, farming practices, but also the welfare of their workers.



Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia

It’s hard not to love ALL Ethiopian coffees, but we really love coffees from the Yirgacheffe region located in Southern Ethiopia, towards the Kenyan border.

We find Yirgacheffe coffees to be uniquely floral and highly aromatic, in particular we love to blend with natural processed coffees from this region, it has been the star of our Carousel blend since 2012.

Much of the coffee in this region comes from small farms, almost likened to backyards of villages and these small farm holders generally combine their harvest and sell as a larger, regional lot.



Cajamarca in Peru

We have been sourcing coffees from the northern highlands of Peru for several seasons, in fact we have been roasting Peruvian coffees since day one.

Until recently, Peruvian coffee has not been in high demand by roasters, but it now seems roasters and importers have “discovered” how good Peruvian coffee can be!

We find they have more pronounced acidity and a flavour profile more suited to our blends.

The harvest season also differs from neighbouring countries so it provides us fresher green bean coffees when other regions are yet to begin harvesting.