Chocolate Pack

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One of our most popular blends

This decadent pack is for all the chocolate lovers.  The Chocolate Pack features the pure and sumptuous 1kg bag Grounded Pleasures Original Drinking Chocolate, made using most of the cocoa bean to create an invigorating hot chocolate experience, 1kg bag Grounded Pleasures Organic Panela Sugar, which is not only a delicious natural sweetener for coffee, but also great for cooking and baking, and a 250gm Specialty Coffee Blend bag.

Delight your senses with the Chocolate Pack.  It also makes the perfect gift to send to someone special 


  • Grounded Pleasures Original Drinking Chocolate 1kg
  • Grounded Pleasures Organic Panlea Sugar 1kg
  • 250gm Specialty Coffee Blend bag 



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