Kenya Endebess - Filter Roast

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One of our most popular blends

Flavour profile

One of our most requested coffees is back!

This stunning Kenyan natural produced at the Endebess Estate is everything you want from a Kenyan, with a natural twist.

Berries, cherry, a round syrupy body, orange citrus acidity and a sweet dark chocolate finish.

Situated in the northern part of Kenya's Rift Valley, near the market town of Kitale in Trans Nzoiya County. Endebess Estate has about 758 hectacres of total land area, 248 of which are coffee. 


Coffee specs

Country of origin Kenya

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Producer Endebess Estate
About our producers
Flavour profile Blueberry, Orange acidity, Dark Chocolate
Process Natural
Varietal SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Altitude 1,600 - 1800m above sea level
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