Espresso 3094 is a place to meet, read, get your daily fix of caffeine, and laugh with friends and family. Espresso 3094 is in Melbourne’s north eastern suburb of Montmorency. Opening its doors at 44 Were Street, in early 2012. It has now expanded to an...


House Iberia

Inspired by the Iberian Peninsula with its rustic tapas bars, market-fresh produce, pintxos parlours and seafood taverns—our café and delicatessen offers classic dishes with a twist. We imbue culinary delights with the unmistakable taste of Spain by serving simple ingredients packed full with flavour, in an...

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Lux Bite

Creating daring and tantalising desserts, Bernard and Yen fuse traditional technique with fashion and nostalgia for their childhoods in Malaysia that brings Asian flavours and stylings into playful combinations. Their excitement for things Australian came to the fore on television when Bernard produced the much...

Rogue District French Toast

Rogue District

Bluestone cottage cafe overlooking Warr Park, home of the iconic Tim Tam Hotcakes! Serving breakfast, lunch & booze 7 days....


Hash Specialty Coffee

Our strength: the Hash hot chocolate, presented with a beaker of rich, melted MORK chocolate and a towering cup of snow white fairy floss amidst their playful, modern take on the usual brunch options...

Lt. Osteria 1

Lt. Osteria

The Lt. Osteria menu is robust with something for everything. Our favourites? The most beautiful Crushed Avocado you’ll ever see, our stunning Insalata Caprese, our classic Spaghetti de Gamberi and our cabinet of ever-changing freshly made sliders, baked goods & sandwiches....